Ann Priscilla Selby

b. March 1, 1838 [FB]
d. December 5, 1892 at age 54

Nathaniel Maureen Soper

b. July 15, 1815 in PG
d. June 6, 1873 at age 57



Mary J. Soper, b. 1852
Eugene Soper, b. 1855
John C. Soper, b. 1856
Maria Soper, b. 1858

Joseph E. Soper, b/d. 1861/1898
Watson Soper, b. 1864
Nathaniel G. Soper, b. 1865
Roberta Soper, b. 1866
Albert L. Soper, b. 1868
Reuben Frazier Soper, b. 1869
James B. Soper, b. 1871
Clarence S. Soper, b. 1873

N. Soper residence

Two N. Soper properties are marked on the 1861 Martenet map of Nottingham District and are near the Joseph H. Selby property. The 1878 Hopkins map shows A. P. Soper living adjacent to the Jos. H. Selby property marked above.

  • Nathaniel Soper (45) and Ann P. Selby (22) were married February 6, 1861 in PG. This appears to be Nathaniel's second marriage with four children surviving from the first marriage. The Civil War is about to begin, but Nathaniel is probably too old to be called into service. Ann's parents are still alive.
  • 1869: "Received this twenty-fourth day of March eighteen hundred and sixty nine of Richard B. Selby and J. Henry Selby Administrators of Joseph H. Selby late of Prince Georges County Maryland deceased the sum of three hundred and two dollars and twenty four cents being my distributive share in full of the estate of my deceased Father and I hereby release and forever discharge the said administrators from all further charges or obligation whatever on account of said administration on said personal estate in testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and affix my seal on the year and day above written. Ann P. Soper, N. M. Soper; Test. Jno. H. Thomas J.P. and John L. Waring" [Original in MSA Estate Papers File 0648]
  • The 1870 Federal Census shows the couple lived in T.B. (Nottingham District), possibly on about 55 acres of land inherited from Ann's father Joseph. Nathaniel (55) farmed and Annie (31) kept house. Nine children were living at home: Joseph E (8), Watson (6), Roberta (4), Albert L. (2), Reuben F. (8 months), Mary J. (18), Eugene (15), John C. (14), and Maria (12). Nathaniel G., who would have been 5 years old, is not listed, but shows up in the next census.
  • Nathaniel's will was probated October 13, 1873. [0958]
  • AnniePSSoperIn the 1880 Federal Census Ann (42) was shown as a widow living in Brandywine, 11th Election District, very near her brother Edwin and his wife Fannie. Sons Joseph (18) and Nathaniel (15) were working the farm. Five younger siblings were listed as attending school: Roberta R. (14), Albert L. (12), Reuben F. (11), James B. (9), and Clarence S. (6, male).
  • Mrs. Ann Selby Soper was buried December 7, 1892 according to the records of St. Thomas Church, Croome. [MSA Special Collections M1202 p. 47] Annie and Nathaniel are buried together in the cemetery at St. Thomas Church.