Priscilla Ann Selby

b. 1816

Joseph Henry S. Gibbons

b. 1815



Christianna, b. 1836
William, b. 1838
Hannah, b. 1839
Mary M., b. 1841
James H. S., b. 1849
Ella, b. 1851
Noval, b. 1853
Folton, b. 1855

On the 1861 Martenet map the J.H.S. Gibbons residence was west of Nottingham and south of the Mattaponi Branch in District No. 4, Nottingham.

  • Priscilla (18) and Joseph (19) were married December 11, 1834 in PGC. [Maryland Marriages]
  • In 1845 Priscilla inherited $500 from her father. [PG WB PC:282; MSA CR34,682]
  • The 1850 census for Nottingham District listed Jos. H. S. Gibbons (35) as a planter, wife Priscilla (34) and five children: Christianna (14), William (12), Hannah (11), Mary M. (9), and James H. L. (1).
  • The 1850 Slave Inhabitants list for Nottingham District shows that Jos. H. L. Gibbons has 2 male slaves.
  • The 1860 census for Brandywine in the 4th Election District showed J. H. S. Gibbons (45) as a planter, P.A. (44) as wife, plus children M. M. (17, female), James H. S. (11), Ella (9), Noval (7, male), and Folton (5); also Robert Smith (17) a clerk. William Gibbons (24), a miller, lives next door with S. A. (20, female).
  • The 1860 Slave Inhabitants list for the 4th Election District lists 5 slaves for J. H. T. Gibbons.
  • The 1863 Schedule 1 "LIST of all persons of CLASS I, subject to do military duty" included James H. L. Gibbons,44, a white merchant, born in Maryland and living in the 4th District of Prince George's County. [Civil War Draft Registration Records, 1863-1865,]