Joseph Selby

b. ~ 1765
d. >1835

Elizabeth Sellman?








  • How old was Joseph when his widowed father died? Did older brother John become responsible for him?
  • Joseph may have married Elizabeth Sellman on October 28, 1785 in AA.
  • On October 10, 1786, Joseph inherited one-seventh (an equal portion) of his father Joseph's property, both real and personal. [PG WB T1:235, CR34-681]
  • 1799 Joseph Selby patents 300-3/8 acres of tract called Selbys Lot in AA. [Patents ICM:577]
  • In 1835 Joseph Selby's heirs received a portion of his brother John's property, $4.38 3/4. [PG Accounts PC2:136-137; MSA CR34.682]