Ann Selby

b. ~ 1776
d. <1820 at about 44 years old

James Harvey

b. 1746 in PG
d. >1820



At least six children.


Aquasco 1861
The 1861 Martenet map shows a Mrs. Harvey residing at Horsehead on what is now Baden-Naylor Road. Although this not likely to be Mrs. Ann Selby Harvey, could it be a descendant?



  • Ann was about 10 years old when her father died a widower. Who took care of her? Her older brother John?
  • On October 10, 1786, Ann inherited one-seventh (an equal portion) of her father Joseph's property, both real and personal. [PG WB T1:235, CR34-681]
  • Ann Selby married James Harvey March 25, 1796. [Maryland Marriages]
  • The 1800 Federal Census reveals two James Harveys in Prince George's County. The younger (more likely) James Harvey is 26 to 44 years old with a wife 16 to 25 years old, three daughters under 10, and four slaves. The older James Harvey is 45 or older with a wife 26 to 44 years old, three sons under 10 and two slaves.
  • The 1810 Federal Census lists only one James Harvey in Prince George's County in the Pesceataway and Hynson Hundreds. This James Harvey is 45 or over with one son 10 to 15, one son under 10, a wife 26 to 44, a daughter 10 to 15, a daughter under 10, and two slaves.
  • The 1820 Federal Census shows a James P. Harvey and John S. Selby on the same page for Nottingham Election District in Prince George's County. James Harvey is 45 or older, with two sons 10 to 15, one daughter 10 to 15, three daughters under 10, and no wife. Six members are engaged in agriculture, and there are nine slaves.
  • In 1835 James Harvey's heirs received a portion of Ann's brother John's property, $4.38 3/4. [PG Accounts PC2:136-137; MSA CR34.682]