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Selby Family Tree

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Murray Family Tree
  William Selby
William Selby
Elizabeth Smith
John Selby
Sarah Groome
Joseph Selby
Jesse Selby
Ann Smith
J. Henry Selby
Rebecca Howe
Edwin Selby
Frances Bayne
Frank Selby
Agnes Murray
Ancestor Spouse Children
     John Selby Generation
  • In 1748 Frederick was formed from northern Prince George's and Charles took a bit from southern Prince George's.
  • When the proprietary government ended in 1776 the price of land was five pounds sterling per 100 acres.
William Magruder Selby
b. 1709, PG
d. January 21, 1783; PG
Martha Wilson
b. 1713, PG
d. March 8, 1806; Russell, Adair Co., KY
Samuel Selby, b. 1734
Nathan Selby†, b. 1735
Joshua Wilson Selby, b. 1741
Josiah Wilson Selby†
William Wilson Selby†, b. 1745
James Wilson Selby, b. 1747
Martha Wilson Selby, b. 1749
Lingan Wilson Selby, b.1753
Sarah Selby, b. 1755
Elizabeth Selby, b. 1760
Mary Selby, b. 1762
Thomas Selby, b. 1764
  • In 1731 William's grandmother Sara Magruder (widow) "bequeaths unto William Selby son of William Selby, six silver spoons and one negro girl." [21.246, V7--KR, transcript copy]
  • In 1732 William inherited from his father William 200 acres, part of the tract bought from Joseph Chew called Chews Folly on the fork of Eastern Branch in PG.
  • William Selby married Martha Wilson of Charles/PG in 1732.
  • In Joshua Wilson's will of November 27, 1745, Martha Selby is listed as his sister. William Wilson Selby, Samuel Selby, and Nathaniel Selby are cited as nephews. Joshua bequeaths that part of Mt. Calvert Manor that his father purchased from Capt. Ennis to his brother James Wilson, but if he died without issue the property was to go to William Wilson Selby. [WB 24:327, Abstract]
  • In 1745 William patented 50 acres called Grubby Thicket in PG. [Patents LG#C:520]
  • In a will dated May 19, 1749 Alexander Magruder, Sr. bequeaths to his son Nathaniel 333 acres of Grubby Thicket. [WB 28:127; Abstract]
  • In 1760 a deposition was made on the boundary lines of William's land in AA. [MSA SC 339-1-44]
  • In 1763 William patented 104 acres called Grubby Thicket Enlarged in PG. [Patents BC&GS#18:98]
  • William M. Selbey and Martha Selbey are listed in the 1776 Census Index as living in Prince George's and St. John's Hundred of Prince George's County. [MSA S1419]

Will of William Magruder Selby, 28 February 1773--21 January 1783 [PG WB 2:165]

  • Son William Wilson Selby inherited all of a tract called Grubby Thicket.
  • Sons Samuel Selby and James Wilson Selby received a parcel of land purchased from William Beall to be equally divided between them.
  • Son Nathan Selby inherited the 50 acres of Chews Folly "where he now lives."
  • Son Joshua Wilson Selby received 50 ares of Chews Folly "where he now lives."
  • Sons Josiah Wilson Selby and Lingan Wilson Selby inherited the rest of Chews Folly to be divided equally between them.
  • Wife Martha Selby received "one Negro girl during her widowhood."
  • The rest of the estate after debts are paid "and my wife has her thirds to be equally divided between my son Thomas Selby and my four daughters Martha, Sarah, Elizabeth and Mary and their heirs forever."
  • Wife Martha Selby and son William Wilson Selby were appointed executors.
  • Click here for a full transcript of the will in pdf format.[KR, copy]

William, Josiah, and Nathan are listed on the same 1790 census page along with cousin Nathan. William's household included three males 16+, two males <16, six females, and three slaves. Josiah's household consisted of himself, one male <16, six females, and no slaves. Nathan's household was composed of two males 16+, one male <16, five females, and one slave. [KR, copy]

William W. Selby appears in the 1776 Census Index as living in Prince George's and St. John's Hundred of Prince George's County. [MSA S1419]

Samuel Selby
b. 1711, PG
d. October 16, 1758, Frederick
Amelia Harris
b. 1715, PG
d. 1766, PG

Cassandra Selby, b. 1731
William Selby, b. 1735
Harris Selby, b. 1737
Samuel Selby, b. 1737

Phillip Selby, b. 1742
Amelia Selby, b. 1745
Mary Anne Selby, b. 1750
Barbara Selby, b. 1752

  • In 1732 Samuel inherited the western 200 acres of Leith from his father William.
  • Samuel Selby and Amelia Harris were married in 1740 in PG.
  • June 23, 1740 (recorded July 15, 1740) Ann Harris bought land from Samuel Selby and Amy his wife. George Ranson, deceased, willed his daughter Elizabeth land between the forks of the Patuxent Branch, land purchased by George Ranson from Thomas Brooke, Esq. on the west side of the Patuxent River and called The Wedge; this land became the right of Amy Selby, daughter of Elizabeth, for 5,000 lbs of tobacco; The Wedge containing 50 acres. [PG Probate Records; Liber Y, folio 189]
  • Amelia was the daughter of William and Ann Harris. [LDS FamilySearch]???
  • Amelia's mother (?), Ann Harris' will was probated in PG June 26, 1751. In it she bequeathed 45 acres "I bought of Samuel Selby" to her son Joseph Harris. [WB 28:83; Abstract]
  • In Samuel Selby's will probated October 16, 1758 he bequeaths to wife Amelia Selby the land he lives on for life, and on her death to be sold and the money divided equally among all his children. Daughter Mary Anne Selby received a female mulatto slave. Sons Samuel, William, Harris, and Phillip Selby and daughters Cassandra, Mary Anne, Amelia, and Barbara Selby are cited. Witnesses are Hugh Smith Dunn, Samuel Selby, William Magruder Selby, and John Edward. [WB 30:564, Abstract]
Nathan Selby
b. 1715, PG
d. 1745, PG
Esther Drury
b. 1715, PG
d. February 1744
William Selby, b. 1738
Nathan Selby, b. 1740
John Selby, b. 1745
  • In 1732 Nathan inherited all that tract of land called Towgood lying in the west side of Patuxent River "...the same which I formerly bought of my brother Samuel Selby."
  • Nathan and Esther were married in 1734 in PG. Esther was the daughter of Charles Drury and Alice Cole. [LDS FamilySearch & PG WB 1:302]
  • June 3, 1738 (recorded July 1, 1738) Charles Drury sold two negroes named Lucky and Tom, to Nathan Selby, planter, for 5,000 lbs. tobacco. Witnessed by Thomas and Joseph Selby. [PG Probate Records, Liber T, Folio 601]
  • July 1, 1741 (recorded April 10, 1742) a Bill of Lading for tobacco shipped by Nathan Selby to Samuel Hyde, merchant in London, aboard The Amelia now at anchor in the Patuxent bound for London. [PG Probate Records; Liber Y, Folio 459]
  • Nathan Selby's will, which was probated April 2, 1745, states that sons William and Nathan were to receive equal portions of Toogood. Son John received two slaves. Wife Easter served as Executrix. Witnesses were John Orme, Thomas Selby, Newcom Brobin, James Hollyday. [WB 24:13, Abstract]

In 1790 census Nathan is listed on the same page as his cousins (see above). His household consists of 3 males 16+, 1 male <16, 5 adult females, and one slave.

Joseph Selby
b. 1718, PG
d. April 9, 1752; PG
Sarah O'Neal
b. 1720, PG
Thomas Selby, b. 1741
Samuel Selby
, b. 1743
  • In 1732 Joseph inherited the middle 100 acres of Leith from his father.
  • Joseph married Sarah in 1740 in PG. [LDS FamilySearch] Sarah was the daughter of Arthur O'Neal.
  • In1749 Joseph Selby and his wife Sarah sold John Orme 60 acres of Leith near Mount Calvert Manor for 10 pounds sterling. [LR]
  • Will probated in April 9, 1752 [PG WB DD2:265 or DD2:376]
Thomas Selby
b. 1720, PG
d. 1793, Frederick
Rebecca Groome
b. 1720, PG
d. April 15, 1805
Rebekah Selby, b. 1738
Thomas Selby, b. 1740
Eleanor Selby, b. 1746
Richard Selby, b. 1748
Leurana Selby, b. 1750
Verlender Selby, b. 1752
Zachariah Selby, b. 1758
Rebeckah Selby, b. 1764
Leurannah Selby, b. 1766
Verlinda Selby, b. 1768
  • In 1732 Thomas inherited all 150 acres of tract called Essex Lodge from his father.
  • Rebecca Groome (with her sister Sarah) inherited 150 acres where her parents were dwelling upon the death of her father (1734) and mother (1743). [Both parents wills transcribed and available at USGenWeb Archives]
  • Thomas and Rebecca are married in 1758 in Frederick. [Family Data Collection] Rebecca is likely a second wife and mother of Rebeckah, Leurannah, and Verlinda. Rebecca was a daughter of Richard Groome and Amy Jowles of PG.
  • In 1760 Thomas sold to Judson Coolidge, a mariner of the City of London, 320 acres called Essex Lodge for 227 pounds sterling. [LR]
John Selby
b. 1720, PG
d. March 26, 1767, PG
Sarah Groome
b. 1725, PG
d. After 1767?
Kenelm Groom Selby, b. 1742
John Smith Selby, b. 1744
Henrietta Selby, b. 1745
  • In 1732 John inherited from his father 200 acres of Leith and improvements lying next to the Patuxent River; he was to permit his widowed mother to live out her life there.
  • John and Sarah were married in 1741 in PG. Sarah parents were Richard Groome and Amy Jowles of PG. [LDS FamilySearch]
  • Sarah Groome (with her sister Rebecca) inherited 150 acres where her parents were dwelling upon the death of her father (1734) and mother (1743). [Both parents wills transcribed and available at USGenWeb Archives]
  • John Selby's will was probated March 26, 1767. Eight acres of marsh called Discovery and 230 acres of Leith "laying on the River Patuxent" were to go to his oldest son Kenelm, and if he had no heirs to go to John, and if he had no heirs the property was to go to Henrietta. [PG WB GS2:078 or 1:620] [KR, copy]

John Smith Selby enlisted March 9, 1776 with the Seventh Company for service in the Revolutionary War. On April 14, 1780 he married Sabinah Orme.[ Maryland Marriages]

Could there be another son:
Joseph, 1746-1786? Not likely--not in will.

Sarah Selby
b. 1722, PG
John Hamilton  
  • 1732: Together with sister Susannah inherited 184 acres of Chews Folly from her father.
Susannah Selby
b. 1725, PG
  • 1732: Together with sister Sarah inherited 184 acres of Chews Folly from her father.
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