Richard Selby Richard and mother Agnes Richard and Thelma   Richard Selby family

Richard Barry Selby

b. June 22, 1925

Thelma Wanita Ditto

b. April 5, 1925
m. June 1947
d. August 1, 1985


Joseph Barry Selby
Thomas Clay Selby
Linda Ann Selby
James Ditto Selby

Lynette Lambert (step-daughter)

Joe, Tom, Linda, Jimmy

Richard Selby children

Richard and Lanelle

Lanelle Lambert

b. July 1924
m. September 1967
d. September 2004

Richard and Sylvia

Sylvia Hoffmeyer

b. August 10, 1937
m. January 6, 2010
    Horry County, SC

  • Post Office DeptServed three years in the U.S. Navy.
  • Worked 35 years in the Federal Civilian Service.
  • Retired Department of Defense Civilian Personnel Officer.
  • Active golfer with ten holes in one, to date.