Thomas Selby

b. < 1786


d. 1835 ?



Thomas James Selby, b. 1835



  • How old was Thomas when his widowed father died? Did his brother John become responsible for him?
  • On October 10, 1786, Thomas inherited one-seventh (an equal portion) of his father Joseph's property, both real and personal. [PG WB T1:235, CR34-681]
  • In August 1835 Thomas Selby's heirs received a portion of their uncle John's property, $4.38 3/4. [PG Accounts PC2:136-137; MSA CR34.682]
  • Thomas James' was born on September 28, 1835 and baptized October 20, 1835 into St. Paul's Episcopal Church, but at Woodville (Aquasco). His parents are listed as Thomas and Ann Selby. [Church records, MSA Special Collections, M1148, pgs 30-31]
  • Ann may have died soon after his birth, since young Thomas seems to have been "adopted" by his uncle Jesse Selby and wife Martha, who had given birth to their son Jesse in April of that same year. (Martha would have been able to nurse baby Thomas.) At least four of Jesse and Martha Selby's children were also baptized into St. Pauls Church.
  • On November 13, 1835 Thomas J. Selby sold his "goods, household stuff, implements and furniture" to Horatio C. Scott and Polgdore E. Scott for $130.35. Included were: one clock, two feather beds, one pine table, six chairs, one Brindle cow, and one sorrel horse. [PG LR AB10.20]
  • On December 12, 1843 Thomas J. Selby mortgaged his "crop of tobacco now in the house on Richard M. Warring's land" for $200 to Clement R. Connick. The mortage was to be paid off with interest by August 1, 1844. [PG LR JBB3.231]
  • On January 6, 1844 Thomas J. Selby borrowed $60 from Jesse Selby (brother), offering as security a 5-year old bay horse, one cow and calf and yearling, two young unbroken oxen, two feather beds, and "furniture also now in my possession." The loan was to be repaid by January 1, 1846. [PG LR JBB3.281]