Jesse Selby

b. 1777
d. March 3, 1845 at age 68

Ann Dorothy Smith

b. February 12, 1787 in MD
d. Before 1828 at age 41

Martha Jane Sasscer

b. 1807
d. October 29, 1882 at age 75



Joseph Henry Selby, b. 1807
Mary Ann Selby, b. 1810
Samuel Leonard Selby, b. 1811
Priscilla Ann Selby, b. 1816

Elizabeth Angaline Selby, b. 1833
Jesse Frederick Selby, b. 1835
George Underwood Selby, b. 1838
Catharine Priscilla Selby, b. 1839
James W. J. L. Selby, b. 1840
John Milton Selby, b. 1842


District 8 in 1861

Martenet's map of 1861 showed "Mrs. Selby" as living on the west side of what is now Rt. 382 or Croom Road between the roads to White's Landing and Magruder's Ferry in District No. 8, Aquasco. The 1878 Hopkins map shows "Mrs. P. Selby" living at that location which was then in District No. 4, Nottingham District.

  • Jesse was 9 years old when his father died a widower. Who took care of him? His older brother John?
  • On October 10, 1786, Jesse inherited one-seventh (an equal portion) of his father Joseph's property, both real and personal. [PG WB T1.235, MSA CR34.681]
  • Jesse married Ann Smith February 13, 1801 in PG. [Maryland Marriages]
  • Ann Smith was the daughter of Mary Ellen Edelen and James Smith. [Family Data Collection]
  • In the 1810 Federal Census of Prince George's County, in the Washington and Prince Frederick Hundreds, Jesse [33] had five slaves, plus a wife [23 and pregnant], one male <10 (probably son Joseph), and one other male 10-15 in the household.
  • In the War of 1812 Jesse served as a Private in Captain Joshua Naylor's Company, in Beall's 17th Regiment of the Maryland Militia. [Military Service Records for War of 1812] Second wife, Martha J, later filed for a widow's pension. [National Archives Publication No. M313, Roll 83, Pension #WC13262]
  • In the 1820 census for Election District 4 of PG, Jesse's [43] household includes one male under 10 [Samuel], one male 10-16 [Joseph], one male 16-26, one female under 10 [Priscilla], one female 10-16 [Mary], one female 16-26, and one female over 45. [Wife Ann would have been 33; where is she?] Five are working in agriculture. He has 3 male slaves, 4 female slaves, and no free blacks.
  • On May 18, 1829 Jesse Selby purchased 10 acres in Woodville (now Aquasco) for $400 from Thomas J. Kemp. The property was part of Doves Perch and formerly owned by Samuel C. Moran. [PG LR AB5.471]
  • On January 7, 1830 William J. Gantt and Benjamin E. Gantt sold 104 acres of property between Nottingham and Magruder's Ferry (called Taylorton) to Jesse Selby for $1,560. [PG LR AB6.57]
  • On August 10, 1832 Jesse was the highest bidder ($436) at a public auction conducted by P.G. Sheriff Thomas Bruce for 99 acres of property and buildings, formerly owned by Benjamin Robinson. [PG LR AB7.258]
  • Jesse married Martha J. Sasscer October 23, 1832 in PG. [St. Paul's Episcopal Parish in Baden, MSA Special Collections, M1350, B1.11]
  • Thomas James Selby was baptized October 20, 1835 into St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Baden, but at Woodville. His parents are listed as Thomas and Ann Selby. [Church records, MSA Special Collections, M1148, pgs 30-31] His mother Ann may have died shortly after his birth, since he begins to appear in records as part of his uncle Jesse Selby's family. [Martha would have been suckling 6-month-old son Jesse at the time.]
  • August 19th, 1835 Jesse Selby's heirs received a portion of his uncle John Selby's property, $4.38 3/4. Jesse was the administrator of his brother John's final accounts. [PG Accounts PC2.136; MSA CR34.682; transcript]
  • In the 1840 Federal Census for Milingham Jesse's household includes a wife (30-40 years old) and four children under age 10 (3 boys, 1 girl--Elizabeth, Thomas, Jesse, George). Jesse is between 60-70 years old. No "free colored persons" were listed, but there are 10 slaves.
  • In August 1843 Jesse sold the 99-acre property purchased at auction to his son, Samuel L. Selby, for $1,000. [PG LR JBB3.310]
  • In November 1843 Jesse purchased three tracts of land along the main road leading to the south side of Woodville and along the road leading to Truman's Point: Dove's Nest, Dove's Perch, and Digges Lodge. Jesse paid $3000 to Thomas Martin, Administrator of Thomas B. Hall, deceased.The exception was 3/4 acre belonging to Thomas Martin. [PG LR JBB4.214]
  • In December 1843 Jesse and Martha sold 42 5/8 acres of property in Woodville along Truman's Point Road and next to McPherson's Mill to William R. Barker for $724.62 1/2. [PG LR JB3.241]
  • In October 1844 Jesse and Martha sold the property she had inherited from her father to James H. S. Gibbons for $250, "and that the said J.H.S. Gibbons is hereby placed in the same situation in respect to said land as she was when a feme sole." [PG LR JBB3.628]
  • In 1845 Jesse's will was probated. Thomas, Mary Ann, Samuel, Joseph, and Priscilla each received $500. Elizabeth, Jesse, James, John, and wife Martha inherited equal portions of the estate both real and personal. Children George and Catharine are not listed as heirs when the will was written in late 1843, and presumably died as young children. [Transcript below]
  • Also in 1845 Martha was granted guardianship of children Jesse F., James W.J.T., Elizabeth A., and John M. [PG MD Orphans' Court]
  • In the 1850 Federal Census of the Aquasco District M. J. Selby (43) was listed as head of household, with John (8), J. (10, male), Jesse (12), and A. (14, female) living at home. Thomas is not listed as living with the family.
  • The 1850 Schedule of Slave Inhabitants in Aquasco District shows that Martha Selby had 11 slaves.
  • In April 1850 Martha J. Selby deeded "two parts of tracts of land called Nealls Meadows and Nealls Addition Enlarged being all the real estate willed to her by her father, the late Jonathan T. Sasscer" to James H. S. Gibbons for $250. The property was located near Brandywine. [PG LR JBB6.355]
  • On June 25, 1858 William K. Davis mortgaged "my crop of tobacco now in two barns on the said Martha J. Selby Farm" for $1080 from Martha J. Selby with interest owing from the first of the year. [PG LR JBB5.314]
  • In the 1860 Federal Census for Brandywine in the 4th Election District Martha J. (55) was listed as a planter and head of household. Sons Jesse (25) and James (22) are at home. Daughter Elizabeth (26), her husband Joseph T. Clark (37), and their son Joseph (3) also reside with Martha.
  • On the 1860 Slave Inhabitants Schedule of the 4th Election District, M. J. Selby had 13 black slaves ranging in age from 6 to 65; females aged 65, 40, 30, 23, 19; males aged 60, 30, 19, 15, 11, 10, 8, 6.
  • Martha is buried at St. Paul's Episcopal Church Cemetery on Baden-Westwood Road in Baden. Her grave lacks a stone and is probably on the left side of the church. She was buried October 29, 1882. [MSA Special Collections, M1350]

Will of Jesse Selby, 4 December 1843 - 3 March 1845
[PG WB PC:282; MSA CR34,682]

I give up all my right in the administration of my father's will, Jesse Selby deceased to Jonathan T. Soper.
March 3, 1845      (signed) Joseph H. Selby

I give up all my right in the administration of my husband's will, Jesse Selby deceased to Jonathan T. Soper.
March 4, 1845      Test. John L. Waring       (Her mark) Martha J. Selby

In the name of God, Amen, I Jesse Selby of Prince George's County in the state of Maryland, being of sound, disposing mind memory and understanding do make and publish this my last will and testament in name[?] and form following, that is to say, after my just debts and funeral expenses are paid I give devise and bequeath as follows:

First I give unto Thomas J. Selby two hundred and ninety four dollars, sixty four and a half cents, to Mary Ann Estep three hundred and seventy dollars, to Samuel L. Selby one hundred dollars which together with what they have already received will make five hundred dollars. To Joseph H. Selby five hundred dollars, he not having received anything. To Priscilla A. Gibbons three hundred dollars which with what she has already received will make five hundred dollars. To be paid by my wife Martha J. Selby in five years without interest. I give devise and bequeath unto my wife Martha J. Selby and my children Elizabeth A. Selby, Jesse F. Selby, James W. J. L. Selby and John M. Selby all the rest and residue of my estate both real and personal in equal portions in fee simple as tenants in common, also giving unto my wife Martha J. Selby a home in the estate upon which I now reside during her single life. In the event of her again marrying she forfeits her home, and is to be paid a childs portion. Should either of my above last named children die without issue, then its portion to go to its own brothers and sisters. Lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint Martha J. Selby, Jonathan T. Soper, and Joseph H. Selby, executors of this my last will and testament revoking and annulling all former wills by me heretofore made, satisfying and confirming this and none other to be my last will and testament.

In testimony where of I have here unto set my hand and affixed by seal this fourth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty three.

(Mark and seal) Jesse Selby

Signed, sealed, published and declared by Jesse Selby the above named Testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us, who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto.

Richard M. Waring
John L. Waring
John M. L. Maccielbien