Margaret Selby

b. ~1778

Samuel Fowler

b. ~1770



At least six children


Aquasco 1861
The 1861 Martenet Map shows a Fowler residence at Horsehead.



  • Margaret was about 8 years old when her father died a widower. Who took care of her? Her older brother John?
  • On October 10, 1786, Margaret inherited one-seventh (an equal portion) of her father Joseph's property, both real and personal. [PG WB T1:235, CR34-681]
  • Margaret Selby married Samuel Fowler on February 2, 1798 in PG. [Maryland Marriages]
  • The 1800 Federal Census recorded two Samuel Fowlers in Prince George's County. The more likely of the two was between 26 and 44 years old with a wife 16 to 25 years old and one son under 10, but no slaves. The other Samuel Fowler might be the father; both he and his wife are 45 or over with one female 10 to 15 and three slaves in the household.
  • The 1810 Federal Census shows only one Sam Fowler in Prince George's County. The household has one male 45 or older, two males 26 to 44, one male 16 to 25, one male 10 to 15, three males under 10, one female under 10 and one adult female between 26 and 44. In addition, the household has eight slaves.
  • In 1835 Samuel Fowler's heirs received a portion of Margaret's brother John's property, $4.38 3/4. [PG Accounts PC2:136-137; MSA CR34.682]
  • The 1840 Federal Census reveals three Fowler decendants living in the area:
    • Daughter or daughter-in-law Margaret Fowler (20-29 years old), a girl (10-14) , a boy (10-14), a boy (5-9), and one female slave in the Milingham District of PG.
    • Joseph H. Fowler (30-39), a boy (5-9), a boy (under 5), a wife (20-29), a girl (under 5), and no slaves or free blacks in the Milingham District of PG.
    • Samuel Fowler (30-39), a wife (20-29) , one boy (5-9), two boys under 5, and 12 slaves in District 3 of PG.