Richard Brown Selby

b. December 12, 1835 [FB]
d. March 15, 1905 in DC at age 69

Caroline Elizabeth Soper

b. December 14, 1840 MD
d. September 22, 1884 at age 43

Eliza R. Thornton

b. 1863 in DC
d. 1934 in CA at age 71



Rufus Selby, b. 1858
Henry Selby, b. 1859
James Selby, b. 4/13/1860
Ellen Elizabeth Selby, b. 2/10/1862
Virginia Selby, b. 2/1865
Margaret Emma Selby, b. 1868
Minnie Susannah Selby, b. 1873
Rena Maud Selby, b. 1879

Joseph, b. 1892
Carrie Selby, b. 1894
Hattie Selby, b. 1897
Kirby Selby, b. 1902



Richard Selby property is indicated in the Spauldings District No. 6 in the 1878 Hopkins map.



  • Richard (21) and Caroline (15) were married December 23, 1856 in PG.
  • The 1860 Federal Census indicates R. B. Selby (25) and Caroline (19) were living in Nottingham in the 4th Election District with sons Rufus (2), Henry (1), and James (4 months). Richard was a planter. Listed on the same census page are Joseph Henry Selby (53, uncle) and Robert Selby (34, cousin?) along with their families.
  • James, Ellen Elizabeth, and Virginia were baptized soon after birth at St. Thomas Church in Croome. [MSA Special Collections, M1202 p. 27, 29, 30]
  • The 1863 Schedule 1 "LIST of all persons of CLASS I, subject to do military duty" included Richard B. Selby, 27, a married white farmer born in Maryland and residing in the Fourth District of Prince George's County. [Civil War Draft Registration Records, 1863-1865,]
  • March 15, 1864: "Ordered by the Court that Richard B. Selby and J. Henry Selby be and they are hereby appointed administrators of Joseph H. Selby, late of Prince George's County deceased, and directed to file their bond in the penalty of four thousand dollars, with such security as shall be approved by the Register of this Court."[PG WB WAJ2.212]
  • On November 13, 1867 Richard B. Selby and Joseph H. Selby having filed a petition in the Circuit Court "alleging that their father a certain Joseph H. Selby... departed this life in the month of January 1864 intestate, seizeth and possessed in fee simple of several tracts, parts of tracts or parcels of land... and also that he left five children as his heirs at law, one of whom was a minor." Richard B. Selby was granted Sect. No. 1 containing fifty-five and one-fourth acres. [PG LR FS5.186]
  • On December 3, 1867 Richard B. Selby and wife Caroline sold their 55-acre inheritance of land "commonly called Boone's... on the main road leading from Nottingham to Washington, D.C." for $1100 to William Horatio Thomas. [PG LR FS5.227]
  • Daughter Margaret Emma Selby (born December 12, 1868) was baptized December 30, 1868 at Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. [MSA Special Collections, M1208, pg 50]
  • On January 9, 1870 William and Margaret Rowzer sold one acre with buildings to Richard Selby for $84.37. The property was located adjacent to Joseph Tarmon, Sr. and on the south side of the main road from Long Old Fields to Washington, D.C. [PG LR HB3.1]
  • On February 14, 1870 a mortgage was recorded between Richard and Caroline Selby, stating that "in consideration of the sum of one hundred dollars now due from me the said Richard Selby and Caroline his wife, do grant unto George W. Talbertt and Henry M. Cauley all that ...parcel of ground... described and bounded as follows, beginning on the south side of the main road between Forestville and Washington, D.C." The note for $100 was to be repaid within one year. [PG LR HB3.156]
  • The 1870 Census Index indicates Richard B. Selby (34) was living in Spauldings District. [MSA S1736] (Between Upper Marlboro and Washington, DC)
  • Daughter Minnie Susannah Selby (born August 19, 1873) was baptized September 11, 1873 at Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. [MSA Special Collections, M1208, p. 58]
  • In the 1880 census for Spaulding District #6, Richard (45) was listed as carpenter, Caroline (39) was keeping house; Elizabeth (18) and Rena Maud (10 months) were at home.
  • Daughter Margaret Selby was confirmed April 22, 1884 at St. Thomas Protestant Episcopal Church in Croome, Maryland. [MSA Special Collections, M1202, p.50]
  • Caroline died September 22, 1884. With young children to care for Richard married Eliza R. Thornton in Washington, DC on August 20, 1885.
  • The Washington, DC City Directory for 1890 shows Richard B. Selby is a carpenter at 1113 Fifth Southeast.
  • Richard, husband of Eliza Selby, died March 19, 1905. The funeral was held at his late residence, 410 M Street Southeast with interment at Congressional Cemetery. [From]
  • The 1910 Federal Census for Washington, DC lists Eliza R. Selby (49) as head of household with 6 of 6 children surviving. Son Joseph (18) is a laborer with the railroad, daughter Carrie (16) is a saleslady at a department store, daughter Hattie (13) and son Kirby (8) reside at home also.
  • The 1920 Federal Census for Washington, DC shows Eliza as head of household and retired. Son Kirby (18) a laborer with the railroad resides with her.