Descendants of Frank and Agnes Selby

Many of us remember Frank and Agnes Selby as our grandparents, Pop and Grandma. They lived most of their lives on the family farm that Pop inherited. He built the farmhouse seen below from Sears and Roebuck plans, and materials that were delivered by the railroad to the Cheltenham station. In their retirement first Agnes, and then Frank, moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. Other family members would follow their southern migration.

A younger generation began a new tradition, the Ladies Tea, at which many of the ladies of the family gathered after Christmas for an afternoon of tea, tea sandwiches, sweets, champaign, and of course conversation. That tradition continues.

Thanksgiving 1952
Thanksgiving 1952

We gathered at the farmhouse in Cheltenham to celebrate Thanksgiving in 1952.

Key for Thanksgiving 1952KEY: 1-Bowie Hall Sr., 2-Janet Hall, 3-Agnes Selby,
4-Stephen Hall, 5-Bowie Hall Jr., 6-Larry Ripple,
7-Patricia Selby, 8-Timothy Selby, 9-"Mike" Selby,
10-"Buster" Selby, 11-Karen Ripple, 12-Joe Selby,
13-Robert Ripple, 14-"Pop" Selby, 15-Tom Selby,
16-June Selby, 17-Sharon Selby, 18-Linda Selby,
19-Thelma Selby, 20-Betty Ripple, 21-Bob Ripple

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Christmas 1958
Christmas 1958

We gathered at Janet's new home on Rt. 301 to celebrate.
Thelma is playing piano as seen in the mirror on the mantle, while
Richard snaps the photo.

Standing: Janet holding Stuart, Bob and Betty, Bowie
Children: Tom, Bowie, Jimmy, Robert holding Billy, Betty Ann (standing), Larry, Steve, Joe, Karen with Linda seated behind

The Farmhouse

homestead 1927
Pop built this home (seen from the back). The log cabin in which he grew up
(seen in what became the front yard) was then torn down; 1927.
Farmhouse in snow
The farmhouse in snow with a car parked in front of the porch.
View from farmhouse
View from the front porch of the farmhouse; notice the Texaco gas pump.
Front of farmhouse
Side of farmhouse with many of Agnes plants growing up around it.
homestead 1981
The front of the homestead in 1981
Fannies House
When the new house was built Pop's mother (Fannie) lived in this two-room home which was very near the main house. The shutters are a recent addition.